clinicNice to see Clinic ruffling feathers over in New York. Time Out NYC were giddy with excitement when the boys, sorry ‘Liverpool’s greatest masked rock quartet’ (sorry, Wave Machines) dropped by Madison Square Park to play an al fresco impromptu gig, complete with that all-important surgical overwear.  “The musicians, in town from Liverpool, scanned the park in search of an appropriate place to perform. The playground was briefly considered, then ruled out: “Our masks,” one member noted, “may scare the children.” ” Time Out reports.

Clinic played “Linda,” a cut from their new Bubblegum album, and stopped to chat to the Time Out reporter (possibly with masks casually drooped around their necks. We don’t know. We can but guess) ahead of a couple of gigs in the city.

See the park-loving minstrels right here. So, lads, we have parks over here, you know. And, erm, NYC’s Central Park was based on Birkenhead Park. And, like, surgical masks are practically the law in that place. So what say you come on over?

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