clinicClinic’s Bubblegum Tour hits Static on 23 October – just a few weeks after the release of the new album. But today sees a taster from their sixth studio set, the lush and rather dreamy ‘I’m Aware’ released as a single.

So prepare for the smooth, late-summer sounds of Clinic. Gone are the strident Pixies meets Velvet Underground statements of intent and, in their place, a pastoral slice of pop perfection, complete with harpsichord, dulcimers and strings. Produced by John Congleton (Bill Callahan, St Vincent) and recorded at Elevator Studios in Liverpool, Bubblegum may contain more fresh air then their previous sonic assaults, but listen to the tracks streaming on their site, and you’ll find a thing of delicate and, dare we say, ethereal wonder.

Clinic have gone all soft on us? Oh we very much doubt that.

Clinic, 23 October
Static Gallery , Roscoe Lane

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