Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 14.02.06It’s a little bit Monocle Mediterraneo, with its Minecraft-esque infographics, its urban chutzpah iconography, and super-sized pages, and a little bit – sniff – Almanac. But, mostly, the new City Tribune (now available around town), is Liverpool as we know it, now. Which makes a change. Because the rest of the mags out there look a bit like we live in a city overrun with teeth-whitening dog groomers. Oh that we were.

We asked the paper’s co-editor, and SevenStreets’ co-founder, Robin Brown, what it’s all about:

“They say hundreds of thousands of people are coming to Liverpool for the International Festival of Business. But no-one was prepared to put their hands in their pockets to produce an official publication,” he says. “Nothing to tell Liverpool’s stories to an international audience of business types descending on the city for two months. A quarter of a million of them according to official estimates.”

“There’s no money!” they said. We’ve heard that before. But that’s not a good enough reason to ignore one of the most lucrative audiences Liverpool has ever had – it’s a gilt-edged opportunity to sell our city to people who are in a position to invest here.”

“Heads were nodded. Something had to be done. The City Tribune was the result – there are thousands of copies snaking throughout the city as we speak. It’s a joint effort between Smiling Wolf, Give Me Soul, Wordscapes and me. Maybe some of those delegates will visit some of the places we talk about, take a copy home, read in on the plane, pass it onto a colleague. There’ll be live updates, news and interviews from the event at too.”

“Of course we cover the things that Liverpool is known for – football and music – how could you not? But there are fascinating stories to be told of Liverpool’s nascent (and genuinely exciting) gaming industry, its thriving biotech sector and automotive hub. Liverpool’s twins, spread throughout the world; the real value of culture and tourism to the city; where it’s heading in the next 15 years. It’s important that visitors to Liverpool hear these stories, but there’s a wealth of material that will be new to natives too. Can you guess what Liverpool’s third most famous brand is? Bet you can’t.”

“Perhaps Liverpool’s creative sector has been guilty of being too fragmented in the past – maybe we can change that, just a little bit. Because if there’s one thing that comes across from the people that we met in writing the Tribune it’s that the city benefits when people put their heads together. That and the fact that, should you want something doing properly, you need to do it yourself.”

The City Tribune

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