Oh God.  Forgive us for pouring cold vinegar on this, but news of the latest TV series to be set in Liverpool doesn’t exactly make us feel chipper.

Sex And The Chippy has been described as a female version of The Inbetweeners, which, to be fair, wasn’t too bad. But the thought of a ‘series focusing on a group of women in their early thirties talking about their nights out, in a Liverpool chip shop’, somehow clogs up our arteries before we’ve even fried our Mars bar.

Written by Hollyoaks scribes, Heather Robson and Neil Jones, Channel 4’s Comedy editor, Shane Allen described it as “glossy, raucous, upbeat and entertaining…bursting with great banter and some truly jaw-dropping set pieces. It’s so good to be getting behind something female, funny and young.” Yeah, we bet, you dirty old man…

Filming  is expected to begin in September. But, seriously, if you can’t wait that long, what’s the betting anything that happens in Mr Chips at 2am on a Sunday morning is a lot funnier?

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  1. didn’t sound so bad (hey, inbetweeners is actually good) until “Written by Hollyoaks scribes, Heather Robson and Neil Jones…”
    that’ll learn ya.

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