cassetteboyWe first heard Cassetteboy’s work in the early 2000s, when their ‘Di & Dodi Do Die’ 7″ began to be swapped around on low bitrate mp3s. It was a scorchingly controversial piece of audio art, reworking snippets of TV and radio reaction from Princess Diana’s death that was in turn close to the bone, satirical and brilliant.

Since then, the art duo have put out actual proper albums, and taken their cut ‘n’ paste aesthetic to numerous Youtube videos, where they’ve taken scissors and glue to the likes of The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den, re-configuring sampled speech to give entirely new meanings. They must be the most patient men in the universe: we can barely sit through an actual episode, let along splice a bloody series together.

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, they’re heading to Leaf later this month, alongside the wonderfully named DJ Rubbish. Celebrating the excellent city centre venue’s third birthday, we’re promised a night of music rubbing shoulders with comedy. Though as ever with Cassetteboy, we’re not entirely sure what to expect. Which is half the fun.

Saturday 23rd November
Leaf, Bold Street, Liverpool
£10, 10pm

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