Think you can do any better? Yeah, we thought so. Well, come and say hello this Sunday afternoon, at the Threshold Festival (from about 1pm at the Media Hub which, we think, is on the 3rd floor. But you’ll find us. Look for the posters). We’re on the look out for regular contributors (writers, photographers, illustrators…) and if you think you could help make us better, if you’re curious, have an opinion, want to get it off your chest, or are simply a passionate consumer of this region’s art, culture, music, commerce and creativity, we want to meet you. Also, if you think you’re doing something that we should know about, and feature on our site, come say hello too.

We’re aiming to have a refresh in the near future, with our regular contributors all having their own link from the homepage, so if you’re after an audience, want to showcase your God given talent, or just want to blag free tickets to gigs (occasionally), SevenStreets is here for you.

Come by and say hello if you’re a reader, too, and tell us what you think, what we’re doing right, and what irritates the hell out of you, and we’ll listen. We can’t promise to stop moaning about Amanda Harrington, though. Just so you know.

See you there.


(Threshold Festival, CUC, Greenland Street)

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  1. Christina Bebbington

    Hi – You were recommeded to me by David Beattie. I am writing a novel set in Liverpool, and I have my own blog. I am about to start a six week stand up comedy course with a live show in March. I would love to share with you some of my writing. I recently won a Porsche Boxster S for the weekend and I have writtent about my experience. I would be very interested in writing about my comedy training and experience of performing live, people are always interested as it is more unusual for a woman to do this. Please let me know if you are interested, I have lots of ideas and would like to talk them over with you. Thanks!

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