Cains brewery has today been wound-up, leaving over £8m worth of debt.

The company, situated in the Baltic Triangle and run by brothers Ajmail and Sudarghara Dusanj, closed in May but has today been the subject of a successful winding up order, reports the BBC.

£5m is owed to HMRC for unpaid taxes, with the remaining £3m owed to creditors. Over £100,000 worth of beer that’s been left in the brewery’s vats is to be destroyed.

Around 40 workers at the site have been reportedly told there’s no money for redundancies.

The Dusanj brothers, who have run the brewery since 2002, have plans (via a separate company) to redevelop and extend the Cains site as a multi-use space, the Brewery Village, including a cinema, shops and apartments. They bought back the brewery itself in 2008 after it went into administration a first time.

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  1. paul c

    such a shame, commiserations to all the people who have lost jobs. this building has always looked like what i imagined will wonkas factory to look like.

  2. Richard MacDonald

    I volunteer to dispose of this beer in an organic and enviromentally sound way and fir this selfless act of civic responsibilty I ask for no pecuniary recompense, just some paracetamol and a day off work. Who’s with me?

  3. Element 11

    The beer was a bit rubbish, gutted for the workers. Hopefully with the amount of Micro Breweries popping up some will be able to slot into other roles.

  4. Shame, Cains did some good brews. Any idea what will happen to the pubs?

    And weren’t the current owners the previous owners who went into administration? And now they want to redevelop it?

  5. Historic Liverpool

    Such a shame. I did enjoy a Cains or two on occasion. I’m glad they’ve got plans for the building, but… a cinema, shops and apartments, ending in Village? I guess there’s nothing like an original idea.

  6. Lunctime O'Booze

    They’ll be fine, past masters at this stunt…..sharks in suits IMHO however good the beer was. I hope the whiff of what they’ve done clings for a long time

  7. i’m sure they’ll make lots of money via the building and its new use, so they really should have paid redundancies but I guess the building was a different enterprise. They shouldn’t be able to do that.

  8. Blue dog

    On the 10th May 2013, 38 workers at R C Brewery (Cain’s
    {Robert Cains} Brewery) Liverpool were informed by phone that they had lost
    their jobs for reasons of ‘redundancy’, with immediate effect. The company informed its workforce one day
    later, in a letter, which also stated that pay claims for days work owed (back
    pay), and redundancy, they would need to make claim to the government’s
    redundancy service.

    The following day, as reported in the Liverpool Echo, the
    owners of the company proudly announced that they had “stopped” their
    canning operations to concentrate on the development of the Brewery Village
    project. In reality R C Brewery
    continues to trade today through its chain of pubs, under the direction of the
    same family (a subsidiary company), the beer being produced temporarily by
    another brewer.

    The brewery was eventually made insolvent on the 24th June
    following a decision in the high court in favour of HMRC. Once again, the following day, the owners
    proudly appeared on television (BBC News North West) stating that the courts
    and HMC’s decision would not affect the Brewery Village Project.

    Back in 2008, the same owners put the then “Cain’s Beer
    Company plc” into administration, buying it back from the administrators as
    “RC Brewery” and leaving a
    trail of unpaid debts reported to be in the region of £38.5 million (including £11 million owed to the taxman,
    and £28 million owed to the Royal Bank of Scotland).

    RC Brewery has now gone into liquidation leaving unpaid
    employees, unfulfilled contracts, unpaid creditors, and unpaid taxes. Once again the family who own the land, the
    brewery, the pubs and its associated brands and estate, have legally avoided
    paying their debts and continue to reap the benefits accordingly.

    Now, 38 people have been cast aside without a second
    thought. Some of these loyal employees
    will not receive a penny in compensation due to their time served, others have
    lost out on thousands of pounds that they are due, nobody received any
    consultation, their contracts have been ripped up and are apparently
    meaningless in law, and whilst this loyal and hard working workforce, (some
    with over thirty years service) have been abandoned by the law and their homes
    and livelihoods threatened, the owners are free to rake in millions from the
    development of the land in the guise of “Brewery Village” a Liverpool
    council backed redevelopment scheme.

    We believe that it is a travesty of justice. The law permits companies owned by the same
    board members to set up subsidiary
    companies who they can then trade with to avoid tax, and who can then close one
    section of the company leaving employees, suppliers and customers with unpaid debts
    whilst those same board members fill their pockets with cash from the
    development of the same assets.

    Please support our campaign.

    We ask that you support the following proposals which we
    would like to see debated in the House of Commons:

    1) Stop Brewery
    Village – Liverpool Council should be forced to refuse permission for the
    owners of RC Brewery, and their associated companies and family owned
    businesses, to develop the land occupied by RC Brewery until all creditors have
    been paid in full.

    2) We ask for a full government debate whether the current
    insolvency and Limited Companies acts are sufficient to protect workers and
    creditors in situations of insolvency.

    3) The government should have the right to sieze the assets
    of the associated companies of RC
    Brewery in order to sell these assets and raise funds for the payment of
    the taxes that the company have avoided paying, and to raise funds for the
    creditors of the company.

    Please support us at

  9. texasrv

    It is an utter disgrace how these people operate and the lack of outrage ( Liverpool Echo where are you? ) is shocking. A ‘family’ company owns the buildings and land so again if anyone else wants to take over they have to pay extortionate rents – no-one will – and so the Dusanji’s buy it back again. It is unbelievable that the RC have again been allowed by the Customs & Revnue to not pay taxes and duties and ( once again ) have to put them in administration. If my company doesn’t pay a few thousand pounds in tax due we are in trouble and yet ONCE AGAIN RC are allowed to run up debts of Millions of pounds. And you can bet RC have been paying the ‘family’ company vast sums of money for rent – all of which contributes to RC going into administration again. Anything the Dusanjis say is whitewash, smoke and mirrors. Dont pay taxes – Go into administration – buy it back – get a grant – carry on as before – Dont pay taxes etc etc Their ‘Grand’ scheme is merely designed to get more cash from somewhere and that cash wont be used to pay their debts that’s for sure.They should be run out of town.

  10. Really dreadful for all the employees. Such terrible news. Their beer was truly excellent and innovative. Look what the guys did, taking over a canning factory producing supermarket rubbish! Their lager and the raisin beer was wonderful and unique.

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