bugglesWe were excited enough to be going to London tomorrow to witness a one-off concert by electro-pop legends, The Buggles (there is a direct lineage from them to everything good these days), at The Supperclub. But we’ve learned that the support is another two-man synth pop outfit, OMD.

Might seem odd to think that OMD are the support act: the lads from Meols certainly chalked up millions more in record sales. But this rare two-man performance for Andy and Paul is all about celebrating one of the seminal synthpop albums of all time, ‘The Age of Plastic’, and its lasting influence.

By all accounts, the respect cuts both ways:

“I think what Orchestral Manoeuvres have achieved over the last few decades – that fusion of pop and electronic experimentation – is unique,” says Buggles man Trevor Horn.

“Both OMD and The Buggles released their début singles in September 1979, so there’s another symmetry for them joining us on the 28th. I’m very grateful to Paul and Andy for agreeing to take part in this concert and I personally can’t wait to watch their set.”

We can’t either. We think it’ll be a belter. We’re going to chat to Andy and Paul after the show, and we’ll have an interview ahead of their Arena gig (they’re at the Phil this Saturday, for their Wonderous Place gig, and are deep in rehearsals for their Modern History tour).

So, Synth Britannia rules the waves once more. And, with a cracking new album behind them, OMD are showing that it’s not all about ancient history and museum-piece Moogs.

Altogether now, ‘I heard you on the wireless, back in ’52…’

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