Please, don’t rain on our parade. Brouhaha is back. This weekend (ominously, Friday the 13th) sees the colourful carnival weave, dance, shimmy and gyrate through the streets: beginning at 4pm on Friday, and continuing into the World In Princes Park event on Saturday, from 1pm tp 7pm.

As usual, you can expect a feast of diverse performances and entertainment with, this year, the spotlight on local young up and coming artists from across Merseyside.The BIG DANCE performance at the Park, lead by Merseyside Danec Initiative will get us all shaking our not-inconsiderable booties.

On Sunday, the spectacular Lost Paradise hits the streets. Brouhaha in partnership with London based Arte Latino presents this Amazonian spectacular, a large-scale mobile performance through Liverpool’s City Centre, showcasing the work of Colombian artists and featuring some of the largest floats and sculptures ever seen on the city’s streets.

The piece is a response to the effects of climate change on the fragile Amazonian basin, and its indigenous peoples, masterminded by the people behind the Black and White Carnival: actually a UNESCO world heritage event (who know such things existed? Maybe we should try for Mathew Street? Maybe not). The Columbian artists decamped here for a month with students from the JMU Academy of Arts and Design, designing and building the large structures for this performance. Brouhaha are also working with 60 community dancers and musicians who will develop ensemble performance work within this piece; their most ambitious yet.

Looks like something that, whatever the weather, will bring a little tropical colour into our lives.

Brouhaha, July 13-15
Various venues, Liverpool

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  1. NJ Convery

    Hey. I think you got the dates wrong above. According to the brouhaha and brazilica websites the parades were on yesterday. Just disappointed that I didn’t check the actual sites yesterday and ended up missing the parades… Guess I’ll have to wait ’til next year instead.

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