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We always love discovering brilliant new creatives. Igor Termenón popped up on our Twitter feed one day and we fell in love with his striking, simple, and breezily cool fashion photography instantly. He’s a regular snapper for uber-trendy magazines like Vice, and even publishes his own DIY ‘zine – ‘Girls On Film’ (and now an accompanying ‘Boys On Film’) – a showcase of male and female portraits shot entirely on analogue film. Hailing from the small town of Ponferrada in northern Spain, Igor’s been studying in Liverpool over the past couple of years. Now shooting in Edinburgh, we grabbed Termenón for a chat before he headed north.

How did you get here?

I wanted to come back to UK to study my masters degree. I had been living in Glasgow three years ago and really liked the experience. I had several options, but finally ended up in Liverpool.

What inspires you about this city?

I like how different some parts look from others and I think those contrasts are what inspires me the most. I’ve shot fashion editorials and portraits in different areas of the city – the area around where I live and my campus are quite inspiring. I always look for textures to be part of the background of my portraits and there are definitely some interesting spots close to here.

Can you explain your visual style to us?

I think the word simple can define it pretty well. I mainly shoot portraits and my background is fashion, so even when I’m doing a fashion editorial I try to keep it as simple and as relaxed as possible.

Have you got a wish list of subjects you’d like to work with?

Not really, but of course there are some models I’d love to work with. Most of the times the people in my photos are friends or even people I meet when I go out at night. Right now I’m doing a lot of portraits trying to capture people in their own style – I guess my fashion background is always there but as I said before I try to keep it more simple.

Tell us about ‘Girls On Film’?

‘Girls on Film’ and ‘Boys on Film’ are online photography zines showcasing male and female portraits taken with film cameras. I had the idea in mind for a while and decided to start working on it last February. I edit and curate the artists featured in every issue. The general response to the project has been amazing and I receive loads of emails from photographers each month. The main aim of the project is to give exposure to emerging artists that use film photography as their main medium. I guess it’s also a way of showing people the beauty of analog photography and trying to keep it alive.

What’s beautiful about Liverpool right now?

I’ve been living here for almost one year and have seen the opening of quite a lot of new places. I think that’s what makes Liverpool constantly interesting for me, it seems like there’s always something new going on, or a great new place opening. It keeps things fresh.

From a person with a keen eye’s perspective, what’s ugly about Liverpool right now?

Local fashion, haha. However long I spend here, I don’t think I’ll ever understand the way some of the girls here dress or how they do their make up or hair. It’s just too much! Hopefully trends will change soon.


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