There’s something about ceramics. They really (if you’ll excuse us) fire us up. Especially when you add ‘ Contemporary Scandinavian’ in front of it. Now you’re cooking. Well, you’re not. For these aren’t your usual John Lewis oven to table wear. These are gnarled, curious, challenging and otherwordly. A bit like the stuff that comes out of our oven to table wear, to be honest.

You think only WikiLeaks and Robyn’s hairdresser hide within mysterious bunkers in Sweden? No. Now showing at the re-invigorated CUC, Contemporary Ceramic Art highlights the work of the shadowy 13byseVeN organisation: a collective of contemporary artists from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and, er, Italy (how did they get in there?). The work is, in turn, fun, provocative and ever so slightly unsettling. It’s what happens when ceramic turns to the dark side.

“At a time when networking is becoming a virtual pursuit, we’re forging real, personal connections with fellow artists to try to push the boundaries of the material,” they say.

Communal living with ceramicists? Sounds like fun. We bet there’s no fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes.

Contemporary Ceramic Art,
Runs to February 26
Contemporary Urban Centre,
Greenland Street

Work by  Cecile Lind (top) and Lizzie Sudbury

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