Don’t look now, but something strange is emerging from a disused shop-front down Water Street way.

Opening its doors next Monday, 21 June, the Bonk Street Theatre will be a storehouse of Sci-Fi wonders for six short weeks only. And everyone’s invited.

Part ideas-factory, part rehearsal space, the pop-up theatre bows out with three evenings of Sci-Fi performances on July 29, 30 and 31.

The Bonk Street theatre took SevenStreets to their leader: Bob Moyler.

From where have you travelled?

I’m Bob, and I’m from space. Or actually I hail from Levenshulme in Manchester. I used to be one half of a poetry act called Thick Richard. And I’ve worked in Liverpool with the Dingle Theatre Company, on ‘The Beggars Opera’,

Do you come in peace?

Hmmmmn… well, mostly. But with some unspeakable horrors too, I hope. I’ve wanted to create a piece of theatre for a while now, science fiction is a genre that kept popping up. Liverpool has a strong history with science fiction and the theatre, so what better place to do this.

What’s your mission?

Well, the idea is to create a new piece of science fiction theatre over a six week period from writing a script, auditioning for parts, rehearsing, and then finally putting on the finished play at the end of July….that’s a little scary.

Are there more of you?

I am working with Liverpool based artist Ailie Rutherford as Art Director. Ailie has worked with the Tate and Metal Culture and has been based in Liverpool for the past 5 years.

Do you need our help?

Basically anybody that’s interested can come down to see what we’re up to. We’ll be in the shop in the first week writing the script, so people are welcome to come down, criticize and offer ideas. We’ll be auditioning for parts beginning of the second week and anybody can audition. We will also be building props and sets on site and anybody interested in helping out should just call down to see us once we’re open, but experience of making stuff will be necessary. I think it’s probably important to say that we will not be running any workshops.

So what can we expect?

Expect a Low-fi Sci-fi spectacular! Thematically, we’re looking at ideas surrounding the weather and weather control.

Who or what are your Sci-Fi heroes?

Well, The Kraken’s pretty cool. But my real heroes are Sci-Guys, like Nicolas Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich.

Bonk Street Theatre

35 Water Street

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