Oh dear. The city’s formerly-Echo-sponsored big wheel – situated down by the Arena and Albert Dock – has today gone into administration.

It cost £6m, and opened early in 2010 in a blaze of glory and fireworks. We’ll be intrigued to see what happens with it now. Will we be all fighting over bits of it like the Berlin Wall?

A ride on the wheel cost £8, lasting about 10 minutes.

We’ve done a poem to celebrate the wheel’s all-too-short life. Feel free to print this out and remember the good times. Be warned: it may be too emotional for some.

So, Farewell then, Echo Wheel.
Are you rolling to Oldham now?
You took us over the rooftops of the Albert Dock
You took us for a ride.
£8 for four revolutions.
Were you having a laugh?
Still, the view from the top was better
than Manchester’s.

(pic Dave Evans)

4 Responses to “Big Wheel Doesn’t Keep on Turning”

  1. It was surely never meant to be there forever, and in losing a big wheel Liverpool is simply following Manchester’s lead in getting one.

    And quite frankly, the Manchester Wheel had seriously outstayed its welcome. Can the same not be said here?

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