Orwell are one of those bands who can effortlessly lull you into a false sense of security – have a casual listen to any of their tracks online for instance, and you’ll find yourself thinking how nice but harmless they are. Before you know it, they’ve got you – you’re tapping your foot along to a song you don’t even know and eagerly anticipating the next one.

Such a pleasant surprise are Orwell, we wonder how they’ve managed to stay below the radar for this long and quickly surmise that this can’t continue. Garnering fine reviews from all quarters for recent long-player, ‘Continental’; they are of that fine French tradition from which the likes of Stereolab emerged – it’s this brand of lush, classic pop that we urge you to seek out at Mello Mello this Friday evening.

Most certainly not candidates for room 101…

– Mike Pinnington

Mello Mello, Friday 10th June
£5, 8pm

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