Art blurb becomes art in ‘Journey’s End’ where planes and boats and houses made from recycled art mags represent a creative and geographical journey.

After being awarded a bursary to visit and exhibit in Tromso, Norway in 2011, artist Wendy Williams needed to find a way of ‘travelling light’ with her work. She had started to work with paper as it was flexible and, more importantly, weighed very little. Influenced and inspired by those practical considerations, Williams created three paper installations at varying locations (Metal , Chapel Gallery and for Light Night 2012) which she has brought together in the closing weeks of the Biennial.

What’s happening

‘Journeys End’ presents over 1,500 paper planes, Viking long boats and houses cut from books, magazines and maps to symbolise many journeys taken and represent the end of a travel log and a coming home.

Why should we come

It’s a year’s work for me – a huge amount of work went into it. Also, it’s fun to look at and to guess how many items are in the exhibition (even I’m not 100% sure as I lost count after a while!). Every time I walk passed, there are always people taking pictures through the window.

What shouldn’t we miss

People’s faces as they look at it. Counting how many?

Amazing art fact

The houses are made from art magazines and depict many works of art that have been shown at Tate Liverpool in recent years.

Any special dates

I will be at the installation Saturday 10th and Sun 11th November from 2- 4pm.

Your biennial in seven words

Hectic, manic, blistering, plasters, cuts, backache, amazing!

Part of the Independents Biennial
Viewed from the window, except on the dates above.

Unit 8
The Colonnades
Albert Dock

Closes 18th November

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