Hospitality is woven into the narrative of many a spooky story: Dracula’s entrances were ‘by invitation only’ and Lurch always had a warm welcome. However, the price of hospitality is often a costly one, and many a victim has found themselves in a fix in their quest to get their head down for the night.
The Soldier’s Rest at Vogue craft favourite Landbaby tells the story of WWI soldiers looking for respite and features eerie elements of a good old ghost story – a remote hotel, an ominous host and a haunting melody. Oh, and human hair. Welcome to the Soldier’s Rest.

What’s Happening?

Made up of embroidered hoops and other artefacts relating to the story, the visual side of things has been created and arranged by Claire Bates. The sinister story is told in a poem written by Rebecca Joy Sharp, about a hotel for soldiers in WWI, in a remote part of Wales – the poem is shown in the hoops, embroidered in human hair. There is also an element of sound hidden within the installation by Annamarie Owens.

Why Should We Come?

This is a one-off project, with all the material made especially for this piece and all the elements combine to create an unsettling atmosphere befitting the story. During the exhibition the hoops will start to change – slight additions and alterations will be made as the words seem to take on a life of their own. Images will start to appear in the hoops, as the spell grows stronger and the story begins to escape the confines of the installation…so it’s worth coming back again to see what has changed.

What Shouldn’t We Miss?

The talk/Q&A event will be an opportunity to hear more about how the piece came into being; the chance discoveries and coincidences that led the artists to the story and to the piece being made.

Amazing Art Fact

Claire Bates once got lost in bad weather on a walk in rural Wales and came across a creepy looking building, which turned out to be a hotel – she has based her images of The Soldier’s Rest hotel on her memories of this building.

Any Special Dates?

Talk/Q&A: Thursday 18th October, 6.00-7.00pm


– Contemporary Hand Embroidery (Wall art): Wednesday 26th September, 6.00-8.00pm.
– Embroidered (Sleep) Eye-mask: Sunday 21st October, 1.00-3.30pm
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