So, the Biennial and Biennial Independents are still ongoing – there’s the best part of a month to go yet – and some events are still to take place. Like an Independents highlight we’ve been eagerly awaiting for the last six weeks.

It’s Echoes – an exhibition organised by art collective Surface – and we’re very excited. Last time around Surface staged an exhibition in one of subterranean Liverpool’s most famous venues.

This time around the group has opened up one of Liverpool’s most enigmatic structures – the Grade-II-listed High park Street Reservoir, empty for 15 years but with some wonderful vaulted ceilings inside.

It presents a curious presence atop Dingle Mount and, while there have been efforts to turn the reservoir into a community space, this is a rare opportunity to get inside.

Surface have determined to seek out these little-used spaces, which provide the starting point for the theme of the exhibitions. In this instance the reservoir has provided the jumping-off point for an meditation on Liverpool’s past.

If you want to go you only have this week to catch it – and between 12-2pm only. So, not easy to get to if you do the 9-5, but worth the effort for this two-in-one opportunity to see two excellent things? We think so.

Surface – Echoes
High Park Street Reservoir
Noon til 2-pm ever day from 28 October to 2 November

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  1. DocDaneeka

    Sounds amazing, shame no one is going to get to see given the opening hours. Like so many things from pretty much all council services to getting things delivered if you happen to work for a living your stuffed.
    Bugger that makes me sounds like some kind of Daily Mail reactionary, still it does get a bit tiresome.

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