They’re in and out within a week, so be sure to catch the insanely inventive Souvenir Collection at Camp and Furnace. Showcasing the collective’s keen eye for capturing what it is that makes us us ‘Be Hospitable’ fuses the tripartite’s latest work, inspired by the Biennial’s ‘unexpected guest’ theme.

Based in Liverpool, London and New York the group is uniquely placed to offer a globe-spanning take on the themes of hospitality, culture and connection. So we can expect a cross-pollinated curation of the best of the group’s print design, photography, illustration and screen prints.

“We will invite friends and collaborators to explore the theme of hospitality,” they say. “From the strangely familiar habits within families, to the traditions and rituals of international cultures; each artist will design, make, photograph, illustrate, screenprint or letterpress their contribution to the show.”

And, as it’s their inaugural outing, we expect this to be a calling card for the group’s wider manifesto – of how individuals working in disparate studios are linked by creativity and collaboration. About our relationship with the world, and of how we share it with each other.

Be Hospitable!
Camp and Furnace
21-29 September

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