A good Chinese restaurant sometimes seems as hard to find as a department store with a lengthy future in Liverpool – ridiculously given the city’s longstanding Chinese community and empire links to the Orient.

Ask a dozen people and you’ll get a dozen different answers as to the best in Liverpool, most of which you’ll know are utterly terrible suggestions.

This seems to be because people tend to stick to their recommendations, regardless of whether a restaurant is owned by the same people and employs the same kitchen staff as it did ten years ago.

As a result it’s worth keeping an ear to the ground, sniffing out the best dim sum or the crispiest duck in the city.

We’ve been struggling to locate a really good Chinese restaurant in Liverpool recently – or takeaway if it comes to that. Ten years ago the Peking Duck on Smithdown Road and Yuet Ben were pretty good, and the takeaway on Lark Lane never let us down, but where now?

Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street was a recommendation from someone we’d trust to know their Chinese food, while Chinatown’s New Capital also got a mention.

We’re still chewing over the latter – quite literally, we took away more of a horse bag than a dogie bag – but were pleasantly surprised.

Elsewhere Tai Pan was nominated as possibly the best in Liverpool by a few knowing heads, deploying a fearsome arsenal of dim sum.

But, as usual, we wanted to see what Liverpool thought, so we threw the question open on Twitter and Facebook.

There are some recommendations we find dubious, others that intrigue and more we’ve never heard of. Tokyou certainly divides opinion; Mei Mei, Yuet Ben and Tea House get multiple mention; and SevenStreets even weighed in with a suggestion for the Capitol across the water.

What do you think? We’re looking for the best Chinese food in Liverpool – takeaway or restaurant. Your recommendations please.

Best Chinese food in Liverpool

Not Liverpool but Mr Chows in Parkgate is amazing!

obvious and a bit huge but I’ve had some great meals at Mei Mei. Ask for Chinese menu

had a takeaway from cobo in Aigburth last week. Very nice although a little pricey. Tokyou always worth a mention as well?

Chilli Chilli. The atmosphere is a bit.. bland, but the food is the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten!

I don’t think there are any tbh, tokyou is terrible but dozens will tell you it’s great, it’s the primark of chinese food imo

Chuis fish & chips on Park Road – hands down

I’ve not been to any standout Chinese restaurants in Liverpool, so recs welcomed

Not the best, but for sheer value alone you can’t beat Tokyou. And I know its not strictly Chinese (Japanese and Taiwanese also) but its my choice and I’m sticking by it. GOOD DAY SIR.

I love the New Peking Duck, for a number of reasons. Good sit-down, Good Takeaway, awesome LEMON CHICKEN.

mr chows in park gate is also good.

Best chinese in Liverpool, I don’t think you can beat www.chung-ku.com

The Capitol (watch the spelling) is hands down the best chinese either side of the Mersey.

there is no debate, other SSers. There are no good Chinese restaurants in Liverpool. You got to go to the Capital in BHead

The Mandarin on Victoria Street is pretty good – bit expensive though

you know my vote, Yuet Ben on duke street

Tea House on Bold St

The best at 3.45am is Jumbo City in Chinatown.


China Palace…it doesnt use MSG in many dishes

I’ve been to a few really poor ones recently(considering weve got the oldest chinese community). Tokyou doesnt even get a look in.

Mr Chilli on Mount Pleasant without doubt.

Tea house Bold Street

Jumbo city!

mei mei


I think you’ll find it’s Yuet Ben.

So none of the recommended Chinese restaurants are in the place called Chinatown. My tip is Tai Pan. A dim sum spectacular

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10 Responses to “Streetsourcing: Best Chinese food in Liverpool”

  1. The Arch, corner Berry St and Duke St is new and well worth a try. Fairly basic furnishings – more cafe than starched linen cloths – but you can see fresh food being prepared in the open kitchen and its all the usual dishes cooked fresh. Great value too and they deliver locally. The banquets are a bargain and really good too!

  2. Mr Chows is so average, I can barely believe it’s being suggested.

    Tokyou is just as average, but amazing value, cheap beer, free green tea, and quick service. Almost worth eating completely forgettable food for all those other traits.

  3. Highly recommend the Red Star on Duke Street, food is out of this world, and not greasy at all. The platters you can order for dim sum are huge and taste equally good

  4. Percy Street

    ‘A good Chinese restaurant sometimes seems as hard to find as a department store with a lengthy future in Liverpool –’

    So it’s as easy as finding John Lewis and Debenhams then?

  5. Woah Percy. You’ve pulled at a loose thread that no-one else could have ever spotted and unravelled the entire narrative structure of what I’d hoped would be a hard-hitting expose on the little-observed connection between the paucity of Chinese food in Liverpool and the amount of department stores with secure futures.

    You’re clearly the Frost to my Nixon. I concede defeat. You were a noble enemy.

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