OK, so here’s how this works. We’ll ask a question of our readers and print the answers. In the world of social media this is known as crowdsourcing, but really it’s just about talking to people.

We do this a lot, because it’s good to know what other people think – and it’s an invaluable way to find out stuff – peer-reviewed knowledge. Wisdom of crowds and all that. Agencies pay hand over fist for stuff like this.

What’s the best curry house? Where are the worst pot holes? Which are your favourite shops? Imagine asking 1000 learned people for their opinion every time you needed information? Wouldn’t that be great?

So, with a spell of pleasant weather with us and a raging thirst we never seem to be able to get rid of, we found ourselves wondering where the best beer garden in the city centre is – and since it dovetails with our city living series we thought we’d throw it out there.

Some we’d forgotten about, some we visited only yesterday and some intrigued us. So, if you’ve ever wondered where the best beer garden in Liverpool city centre is, wonder no further. And if you know one that hasn’t yet been mentioned, feel free to tell us…

Where’s the best beer garden in Liverpool city centre?

Ye Cracke’s garden is really a yard too, but it’s far more pleasant and I suppose not strictly city centre.

For many pubs “garden” is pushing it…. “yard” would be a better description. c.f. Dr Duncans.

Always liked the Cracke and Rigby’s is good too.

The Monro or the Clove Hitch.

Cornmarket or Cracke are the best beer gardens in the city centre.

Ma Boyles Oyster Bar. As long as you class St Nicholas church grounds as the beer garden.

Sitting on the pavement of Slater Street outside The Jac

Ye Cracke beer garden is immense when busy. Good vibes

I haven’t been her for five years, but Thomas Rigby’s used to be wonderful in the summer.

Albert dock has to be the best beer garden in the city surely!

The Thomas Rigby is the best I’ve encountered.

The Cornmarket is maybe the best

Ye Cracke

The Grapes on Roscoe Street. Anna Tallulah the best landlady in the Liverpool.

Worst could be The Brittania, even though the view is amazing. The Lady of Man/Rigby’s courtyard can be good.

Rigby’s on Dale Street has a nice sneaky hidden garden… Or the pumphouse on the docks for some riverside beers..

The Monroe

The Clove Hitch on Hope St. has a good outdoor bit, also nice to sit outside the Liverpool Marina in summer too. Kazimier good for gig nights.

Not very gardeny, but I rather like outside the Cambridge… but that might be cause its a lazy stumble from work.

I never fully recovered from Hannah’s getting rid of their beer garden. Heebies isn’t too bad if you get their early enough in the afternoon and are armed with your skinniest jeans and shiniest brogues.

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Ye Cracke image by 1gl, Flickr

6 Responses to “Streetsourcing: Best beer garden in Liverpool city centre”

  1. Surely the place in the photo above is the best beer garden – get down to Sefton Park Cricket Club on a hot, sunny saturday afternoon and I dare anyone to say it isn’t the best outdoor drinking experience in the city!

  2. Liverpool Gaz

    Ye Cracke probably is the best, it’s such a unique place anyway. The Baltic Fleet is also great, if you can get on those front benches on a hot summers day you are in your element.

  3. Scott, is right

    Robin, that comment about your Topcat’s input was a little arl arse, no? You were the ones what published the picture of Sefton Park CC on the article about city centre beer gardens? Never mind him ‘failing’? Banter gone wrong (new channel 5 docusoap coming soon)

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