In an interesting reversal of retail fortunes, we’re intrigued to note that, for once, a shop is moving OUT of Liverpool ONE, and IN to Bold Street. A nifty move, and one that augers well for Bold Street becoming a re-energized, and funky thoroughfare yet again.

In truth, the store – Bench – is no quirky indie, and it does already retail there, but, as Manager, Tom Haycock, tells SevenStreets, this is more than a mere retreat, it’s chance for the retailer to reestablish its identity.

“We’re going to be adding a whole new level of retail to the Bold Street store, with a focus on the brand’s new range of grittier, urban wear, and a smaller section of season-end items too. And the store will be getting a major refresh, reflecting our new direction.”

So why do it in Bold Street, and not in Liverpool ONE?

“Well, we had a look at our Liverpool ONE neighbours and, er, Swarovski isn’t really our thing…” Tom says, as he prepares to shut up shop on Paradise Street for good.

“Bold Street just feels right to us, it’s where we belong. And we’re happy to focus our energies there,” he adds. “The retailers along Paradise Street weren’t really attracting the sort of customer base we felt comfortable with.”

Which, as we say, is good news indeed  – and shows that there is life outside Liverpool ONE. It shows too, that Liverpool ONE, for all its hoopla and hype, still fails to attract all of us. Something they need to take note of, perhaps. There is, we’re not afraid to admit it,  more to life – and to shopping – than Hugo Boss and iPads.

Bench, Bold Street

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  1. L1 has no soul. It’s a retail mothership waiting to blast off for another city of culture/consumption. Bold St. and the surrounding area and its history of innovators should be nutured and treasured.

  2. I’d have preferred to see them stay in Liverpool One with all the other chains, rather than taking up retail space in Bold Street that could be more usefully occupied by an independent.

  3. offshore corporation

    supposidly there is a time warp on this street ask derek akorah also one of the shops has a real well from the past still inside the shop cool. I love Bold Street which runs from St Lukes church the bombed-out one to join Hanover Street and Church Street…..Hairy Records is worth a mention for some really rare and obscure bits and pieces if you have time patience to rummage…..It also leads off onto Concert Square and Wood Street and all the little back streets for live music venues the FACT and nightclubs…..There are all sorts of shops on Bold Street and banks from The Body Shop Costa Starbucks and Home Bargains to more interesting places like Shared Earth and Smiffys…..Shared Earth sells handmade and fair trade jewellery and all manner of other items. These are unique and ethical…..Smiffys is a great costume hire shop which sells all manner of novelty joke items…..There is also The Works a cheap book shop which sells overstocks mainly…..You can also access Central station from here…..There are some other independent stores on Bold Street selling kitsch and unusual items.

  4. I’ve got mixed feelings; it’s great that the company is investing in its Bold Street branch (though the cynic in me wonders if sales figures in L1 weren’t high enough to justify keeping both locations). But, there are already several chains on the bottom half of Bold Street, as they’re generally the only ones that can afford the rents. I’ll be curious to see what kind of tenants Central Village signs up, beyond Odeon.

  5. I’m with Rachel, it’s probably more a case of limited sales down there that has forced them to rethink the Bold Street store.

    Bench is a key culprit of the homogenization of fashion in our (and other) cities.

    For those old enough to remember, it was much better in its boutique days of number 57 Bold Street.

  6. See upthread.

    Can we get a comment from Derek Acorah on the Bold Street time warp that goes to the 19th century? Can we, please?

    Rumour has it there’s a time warp back to the 60s somewhere near St John’s Market too..

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