Groom your tache, condition your beard: the city’s facial hair festival returns for a second year this November.

2012 saw Merseyside’s finest facial fuzz battle against each other for various coveted awards at the inaugural Beerdfest: Best Beard, Moustache, Sideburns and Fake (ie the bit where the ladies can get involved) were all handed out to the region’s best. And it’s back for 2013, chucking in a brand new category: Freestyle. We’ve no idea, either, but we’re guessing it’s going to throw up something weird and wonderful and/or completely traumatic.

Organised by Jodie from local hirsute-hunting blog Tashwags, this year’s event, handily placed at the end of Movember, is supporting the excellent CALM charity. We’ve been hearing whispers that bassoon-voiced beardgod Brian Blessed (yes, really) could pop in to collect a Lifetime Achievement award if he’s around too. Be still, our beating heart. Best of all? Like the simple pleasure of growing a beard, the event’s totally and completely free. Hooray.

November 29th
Camp & Furnace, Greenland St

To register, email with your name and category of choice.

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