Many people have photographed the Gormley sculptures on Crosby beach but nobody has done so quite as beautifully, cheekily or as memorably as Stephanie de Leng.

This picture is from her Beauty and the Beach 2008 calendar, which featured a series of photographs of naked model Mareike Wagner playfully reacting to the iron men.

Getting enough photographs for a calendar was quite a feat, not just because of the cold temparature on the beach, but because they were apprehended after about ten minutes and Marieke was asked to put some clothes on, to comply with laws about public nudity.

She was surrounded by naked Gormleys, but it’s one rule for the sculptures and another for us real people apparently. Stephanie and Marieke have had the last laugh though, as the popularity of these images surely means that the model is now a work of art in her own right.

Stephanie de Leng

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