Saturday January 12th is Be Lovely day. So we probably won’t be posting. Meanwhile, the event’s organiser, Jodie Schofield is hoping we all ‘do something nice for someone you know or someone you don’t and together we’ll make the world a lovelier place for just one day.’

So far so lovely.

“So whether it’s letting someone have the next free space in the supermarket car park, opening the door for somebody you cross paths with, making dinner for a friend who could really do with your attention or paying a stranger a compliment – Be Lovely Day is a simple way of making a great start to 2013…”

Of course, the natural cynic in us wants to pull it apart and snort at its cotton candy tweeness but, look, we could all do with a bit more lovely in our lives, so here’s us, doing our bit. Ok? Just don’t come looking for a hug.

There are non-obligatory Lovely meetups for Liverpoolians at Brink Liverpool from 12noon with Bernie Connor’s Sound of Music Special at Heebies for Acoustic Loveliness from 3.30pm and later at Camp & Furnace from 8.30pm (with Nice biscuits) so smile, it mightn’t hurt. And remember, instant karma’s gonna get you.

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