The third Banksy story we’ve written in as many days – turns out Banksy’s surprise new piece, sprayed off Tithebarn Street, wasn’t just a random bit of generous street art by the elusive graffiti megastar. It was, in fact, a crafty bit of marketing to get us all talking before the unveiling of a sculpture he’s donated to the Walker Gallery. What a clever chap.

The ‘Cardinal Sin’ sculpture – a traditional bust with a pixellated face made from bathroom tiles – is a response to the church’s ongoing child abuse scandals.

Turns out Banksy’s a massive fan of the Walker. He told the BBC: “I love everything about the Walker Gallery – the Old Masters, the contemporary art, the rude girl in the cafe. And when I found out Mr Walker built it with beer money it became my favourite gallery”. The rude girl in the cafe. Amazing. Thought it was just us.

The piece features in the gallery’s much-lauded period collection, as requested by Banksy himself. It’s set to be exhibited there indefinitely.

Picture via @ColinGPaterson on Twitter

‘Cardinal Sin’ by Banksy
Walker Gallery, William Brown Street, Liverpool

  • patrick_hurley

    @7streets now that’s more like it. The biplane thing was rubbish, but I really like this. #Banksy

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  • Walker cafe fan

    We are regular visitors to the Walker and always use the cafe……. I think Banksy is expressing appreciation of Scouse humour… how ironic that Some Scousers donn’t get it!

  • SevenStreets

    @Walker cafe fan No – we were saying we love her too.

  • Pete Carr

    So how long till it has a Robbo lego figure next to it? 😉

  • Gladys Pertwee

    @SevenStreets @Walker cafe fan I also love the rude girl in the cafe and spent many days when I was a student sketching her. Come on seven street, you didn’t really know who the rude girl was did you?

  • SevenStreets

    @Gladys Pertwee@SevenStreets@walker All cafes have one don’t they?

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