It’s seemed like an age, but after months, years and centuries of moaning, the city finally has a bus stop in the Baltic Triangle.

Merseytravel has popped in place a shiny new stop, right next to the skatepark on Jamaica Street (just up from Unit 51, near Camp and Furnace).

The new CityLink service connects up the city centre in a way that reflects how the city’s shaped now, which includes the rather buzzing Baltic. And, being a circular route, it means we can get on at any point on its journey around town and not have to worry about being taken to god-knows-where (ie St Helens). It sticks primarily to key streets and points: the Pier Head, Liverpool ONE, Hope Street, Mount Pleasant are all included.

Running every 12 minutes – roughly 8am til 8pm – it’s definitely not the thing to rely on if you’re having a late night out at that side of town. But for daytime and early evening mooching, it’s a nice (and fairly speedy it seems, taking around half an hour to do the full circular) new addition. We’re looking forward to seeing how this one goes.

For a full PDF timetable, download here.


11 Responses to “Baltic Triangle gets a bus stop”

  1. Birgit.

    I have waited for that to happen since long before the film maker man and his wife gave a talk about their plan to do just that at LJMU over a decade ago.

  2. goldenblls

    Liverpool should invest more in extending it’s underground. It’s one of our greatest transport assets, far more so than any HS2 link.

  3. thewilk

    The Baltic Triangle has buses going along Park Lane/James St and is spitting distance from Livepool One bus station and the 82 route! Even Liverpool Central isn’t that far. I dunno, kids today!

  4. It’s a bonus for people who work around there and will be a God-send in the winter but if there’s two or more of you travelling there really is little point.

  5. It’d be fantastic to have a more London-like underground system, but think about it:

    From Liverpool Central all the way to Edge Hill station only takes 26 minutes to walk.
    From Lime Street to Camp and Furnace takes 25 minutes.
    From Liverpool Central to the Pier Head takes 15 minutes.

    In comparison, London Euston to The O2 takes 3 hours to walk there.

    I’m not saying these are super quick walks of course, but imagine the cost of building new underground stations compared to just letting people get a hackney now and then when they need it. You just can’t offset the cost of million-pound stations sadly unless you’re looking 50-100 years in the future, which Merseyrail aren’t going to do.

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