The best things in life start with a party. That or a cheque from Euromillions. But let’s keep it real, eh? SevenStreets? We started with a party. Well, it was a party we weren’t invited to, so we slunk off down the pub and set up a website instead. So we’ve teamed up with Bacardi to celebrate their 150th anniversary, and throw a few limited edition bottles your way, too.

Bacardi’s been getting things started for 150 years. And it’s still going. So, as you’d expect, this year, the party is going to be a little more intense than usual.

But if you know your history, you’ll appreciate your Cuba Libre a little more.

Can you imagine a world without a Bacardi cocktail, a Mojito, or a Daiquiri? We can’t. But there was a time when rum came in any colour you like, as long as it was dark. And the world’s best-loved cocktails would just have to wait for a time when the world was ready…

Then, in 1862, something magical happened – the father of Bacardi, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó bought a distillery and began to innovate with rum ‐ producing Cuba’s first clear variety.

The world was never quite the same again. To celebrate, Massó’s son Facundo planted the coconut palm at the entrance to the distillery. It thrived through fire, hurricane and earthquake.

And that iconic logo? Doña Amalia, the wife of BACARDI’s founder, spotted a colony of fruit bats in the rafters – a Caribbean sign of good fortune. Before long, those tropical flying foxes gave Bacardi the nickname “El Ron del Murciélago” ‐ “The Rum of the Bat”

During the 1930s prohibition, Americans fleeing their dry homeland hot-footed it to the hottest party in Havana, the art-deco palace of “Edificio Bacardí” – the place for parties, music and passion. Bacardi doing what it does best – bringing people together.

But the story takes a curveball when, in 1960, the government seized Compañía Ron Bacardi S.A., and the family fled to Puerto Rico. Undeterred, a new coconut palm was planted outside their new offices…and the party continued.

So that’s one version of events. But there’s another story. A story that puts the trail-blazing brand at the centre of the seismic events that define the world around us, now.

And, because we love a tall tale at SevenStreets (hey, we built our name on it too) we kinda love the chutzpah and cheek of their 150th birthday campaign.

From texting to planking, music downloads to free running, Bacardi has a claim every bit as tenacious and audacious on their origin theory. And, you know what, we’re not going to argue.

We know how evolution theory works. The flap of a bat’s wing on the other side of the world might, just might, change the way we see our world. For the better.

Whatever you think, this is one party that refuses to die. So let’s raise our glasses to the next 150 years…


We’ve seven limited edition 150th anniversary bottles of Bacardi to win. One a day for a week. To enter, click here.

Visit Bacardi here: Bacardi.

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