sponsoredWhen ASOS meets denim, prepare to expect the unexpected.

To promote their new ASOS Menswear Denim range (which has over 600 styles) they wanted to do something a little different. Not for them the cheesy shots of topless hunks in marble wash denim, or of saggy hipsters hanging out on basketball courts with oversized ghetto blasters. Oh no. Not even a shot of a greased up mechanic fitting a tyre on a Harley Davidson (OK, enough of our 1980s denim flashbacks).

No, ASOS wanted us chaps to talk about denim. To get all touchy feely about our favourite fabric. And to put some of our wilder Bang Goes The Theory musings into practice.

No easy task, you might think? Well, you’d be wrong.

To get across the fact that ASOS has denim for everyone, ASOS wanted its customers to challenge its denim to anything. In return, they’d respond to the best ideas and prove that there really is the right denim for all of life’s little challenges. And some challenges you’d be happy for life not to throw at you.

Challenges ranged from the frightening (please help me look like Ryan Gosling to ensnare a girl) to the barking (help me freeze some jeans). They chose the best ones and replied back with a short video treatment.

Seriously, though, there’s some mighty fine denim in the new ASOS Menswear Denim range – from skinny jeans to denim shirts, cool jackets to summer-ready shorts. So, really, the only challenge is – what you gonna wear?

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