Fancy grabbing your share of a million quid? Have an amazing idea for a site-specific commission in the Uk (not a pregnant woman sliced in half, that’s been done). ‘Open’ is a new initiative, calling for artists currently working in the UK, in any media, to work with arts organisation Artangel and BBC Radio 4 and create ‘ground-breaking’ projects that will ‘transform’ the UK’s cultural landscape. So, no pressure then.

Previous projects have demolished department stores, re-enacted the miners’ strike and be-jewelled a London council flat with gleaming crystals of copper sulphate (pic).

James Lingwood and Michael Morris, Artangel Co-Directors, say: ‘Artangel is adamant that nothing potentially exceptional should be thought of as impossible. It’s the right time for artists to be as ambitious as possible and for Artangel to be as open as possible. Some remarkable new art in extraordinary places will come out of Open and we’re delighted to be collaborating with Radio 4.’

To mark the new alliance of Artangel and BBC Radio 4, five artists including Christian Marclay and Susan Hiller will participate in Open Air, a series of short pieces scheduled for broadcast immediately after the Today programme from 25 – 29 March 2013.

To attend the Liverpool Open Platform run in conjunction with Liverpool Biennial, on Wednesday 30 January and find out more about how you can get involved visit here

Find out more about how you can submit your proposal here.

Open/Liverpool Biennial
30 January
Camp and Furnace

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