What do Coldplay, Elbow, Take That, the Spice Girls, Napalm Death, Delta Maid, The Verve, Echo and the Bunnymen, Diana Ross, New Order, Badly Drawn Boy, Pulp, The Charlatans, Feeder, Paolo Nutini, Super Furry Animals and Barry Manilow have in common? Well, beyond the fact that they’re all fabulous of course?

Well, they all recorded at Parr Street Studios and now the legendary recording space can now be yours for a cool £2.5m.

And for that you get two Grammy-award winning fully-equipped recording studios, two bars (3345 and STUDIO2), 11 offices, a 12-bedroom hip hotel and ‘a new self-contained hotel concept with six-mini bedrooms called PodZzz’.

Which is all very nice, but what does this do for the future of the studios and bars? Well, it’s hard to figure out at this point, but we have discovered that the building is being sold as an entire unit.

That means that the two bars in the building, the studios and the offices will be able to continue in the building as tenants – assuming the new owners are happy for that arrangement to continue.

However, if the new owners are keen to develop the hotel part of the building at the expense of the bars or the studios they’ll be free to do that too. A quote from property agents Mason Owen certainly suggests that redevelopment is a distinct possibility.

“[Parr Street hotel and studios are] now on the market for sale to discerning buyers keen to be the next owners of this unique building.

“This is a unique offering as the freehold, Parr Street Studio’s immense goodwill, its car park, tenancies and growing business in the heart of the city are all included in the sale.

“The purchaser has an outstanding opportunity to expand Parr Street Studio’s hotel, hospitality and office business – or simply to walk straight into a ready-made multi-faceted business.”

The studios were set to become luxury apartments a few years ago when the owners of the building – who included Phil Collins among their number – decided to sell the building off.

The studios were rescued by Gary Millar, Steve Macfarlane and Thomas Lang but the trio have decided to move on – apparently as part of an agreed plan that never extended beyond five years.

While we’ve learned that the current owners are seeking buyers who will be sympathetic to the nature of the building and its tenants, we can’t help but worry about the future of the Parr Street Studios and its associated public spaces.

With the Ropewalks on the up and a lack of hotel space in the area – barring base2stay – there are bound to be developers who see the commercial potential of such a building in a strong location.

And sources have told us that there’s nothing to prevent a developer closing the studios and converting the whole building into a hotel.

“[There] is potential for the incoming owners to develop parts of the business further and maximise income from the large site on offer,” continues the estate agent blurb.

Let’s hope that doesn’t sound a death knell for one of the city’s most sucessful creative spaces.

2 Responses to “Are Parr Street Studios in danger once again?”

  1. Benjamin Hannon

    “Sources” have told you?

    This is a pile of ill-informed and unfounded speculation that helps nobody. Apart from presumabably yourselves with a few page views from people tricked into reading the article with its promise of danger for Parr Street Studios.

    Really, you’re no better than some of the worst tabloids.

  2. Indeed. It’s so ill-informed and unfounded that we spoke to the current owners’ representatives, who put our questions to them directly and answered them promptly.

    To clarify – the whole space is up for sale and there is no bar on any developer buying up the property and converting it all into flats or hotel rooms. And when the relevant estate agents are rubbing their hands together at the potential for new owners to ‘develop parts of the business further and maximise income’ you’re a fool if you don’t think there’s a very good chance that’s exactly what will happen.

    Substitute ‘a spokesman’ for ‘a source’ if it makes you feel better – we actually researched this article, unlike the other news sources I’ve seen that reported this story.

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