We’re pleased to announce the new, November issue of Almanac is now being distributed across the city. It’s our fourth month having a bash at the world of print, and even though it’s raising our blood pressure (and alcohol levels) doing it, we love having something physical and lovely for you to read. Hooray!

As ever, you can pick it up for free in your local independent shop, restaurant, bar, office or gallery: thousands of copies, placed in over one hundred places in Liverpool. Be warned, though. The past couple of months have seen all the copies snapped up increasingly quickly, so make sure you hunt one down sooner rather than later.

What’s inside?

This month we’re taking an in-depth look at how North Liverpool is pushing itself forward: unique social enterprises and an unwavering community spirit are making the area one of the most thrilling in the city.


As well as that, we’re looking at how 40% of private rents are failing to meet basic standards, and Liverpool’s landlords may be about to face tighter regulation.

We’ve got RIBA building ones, fab four ones and scary ghost ones. But we try out a tour that’s way more of a hot topic: a jaunt around all of the city centre Tescos. All 8 million of them.


SevenStreets also takes a look around a selection of successful city markets – Bristol, Manchester and more – to see what they’re doing so right, and why we’re missing out in Liverpool.

We’ve also got a bumper Christmas gift idea selection for you: loads of art, prints, jewellery, cards, clothes – all by local artists and craftspeople – for you to buy and keep your money in the city.


As well as all that, there’s a bumper selection of profiles, food and drink, travel recommendations, stuff to make your life a little bit better. Loads, basically.

I want to subscribe!

Thanks! Unlike many other magazines, we pay all our lovely Almanac contributors: photographers, writers, stylists and illustrators all get payment, which is where the majority of our subscription fees go to (the rest goes into the pot so we can actually, y’know, print them). As we pointed out in our Contra feature, which hit a nerve within the city, business models based on not paying contributors are killing the creative industry. And we don’t want to be a part of that. We want to attach a value to writing, to photography, to local press and to the city’s indie spirit. Whether you realise it or not, you’re part of that.

For just £28, you’ll get ten copies – a year’s worth – of Almanac delivered straight to your door, every month, before the publication hits the rest of the city. As well as that, we’re also offering you deals, tickets and competitions – exclusive to Almanac subscribers – at various points throughout the year. Get involved below.

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