We’re pleased to announce the new, December issue of Almanac is now being distributed across the city. Five months in, we’re still learning, but we’re chuffed that the feedback’s been so positive from you all.

As ever, you can pick it up for free in your local independent shop, restaurant, bar, office or gallery: thousands of copies, placed in over one hundred places in Liverpool. Be warned, though. The past few months have seen all the copies snapped up in record time, so make sure you hunt one down – or subscribe – before you miss out.


What’s inside?

This month we’ve got a Christmas theme going on – but not quite how you’d expect. So rather than Santa ‘n’ sprouts, we take some of the key Christmas themes: birth, stars, religion, all that lovely stuff – and put a Liverpool spin on it.

We find out how Liverpool’s pushing the world forward with its involvement in the mindblowing CERN programme in Geneva: finding out all about the universe and the oh-my-god-my-head-hurts physics behind it all.


We also pay a visit to Liverpool University’s incredibly powerful telescope, which peeks around the stars like no other in the UK: leading the search for new life, in an old universe.

We also meet one of the region’s best kept secrets. They’re a Kensington family who’ve, for ninety years, finished stunning statues for use in churches and institutions across the globe: painting, buffing and shipping religious icons all year round.


We visit the School of Tropical Medicine to take a look at their pioneering work in birth and child health care, addressing one of the most shameful and common health issues in Africa.

We’ve also got a stunning special edition cover illustration by one of our favourite local artists, THATGIRL, to get you in the Liverpool festive spirit, and lots more inside.

I want to subscribe!

If you do, this month, you’ll get a set of A5 greetings cards of our stunning cover, by That Girl, Hooray!

Unlike many other magazines, we pay all our Almanac contributors: photographers, writers, stylists and illustrators all get payment, which is where the majority of our subscription fees go to (the rest goes into the pot so we can actually, y’know, print them). As we pointed out in our Contra feature, which hit a nerve within the city, business models based on not paying contributors are killing the creative industry. And we don’t want to be a part of that. We want to attach a value to writing, to photography, to local press and to the city’s indie spirit. Whether you realise it or not, you’re part of that.

For just £28, you’ll get ten copies – a year’s worth – of Almanac delivered straight to your door, every month, before the publication hits the rest of the city. As well as that, we’re also offering you deals, tickets and competitions – exclusive to Almanac subscribers – at various points throughout the year. Get involved below.

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