Alison-MoyetShe’s back, with the best set of songs she’s had in, like, years. And, while there’s considerably less of her these days, she can still belt ’em out. This tour, Moyet promises, will eschew the syrupy mid-career ballads in favour of stripped down electro beats, with lots of stuff reanimated from Yazoo and that blisteringly good debut album. That said, The Mintues, Moyet’s 2013 model, is electronic and not a bit retro. It’s how you’d hope she’d sound, now.

“I appear to have forfeited my recording deal because I won’t do reality TV,” she Tweeted last year. “No-one needs to make an album that badly. Tea anyone?”

Gotta love her. And, for that matter, Cooking Vinyl, who released it – for it to become her best selling album since 87’s Raindancing.

Alison Moyet
25 October
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

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