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We despair every time we hear about someone putting out a ‘fashion line’. We’re not talking Marc Jacobs or YSL here, though, but reality TV chancers and footballer’s wives. It’s an interesting question – just because someone “likes fashion” and can occasionally wear a dress to a party, does it mean they can cut it as a fashion designer? We like architecture, but it doesn’t mean we’d be any good at building an apartment block, does it?

SevenStreets is a mere bystander in the cut-throat world of fashion, dahhling, so we spoke to talented New York-via-Liverpool stylist Sasha Hawley. She’s worked on styling for the likes of GQ and TopShop, and we had a chat with her about local WAG queen Alex Curran’s collection, which debuted this week.

“Overall, it’s not as terrible as I was expecting” she says down a crackly trans-Atlantic phoneline, poring over the selection of dresses and jackets. “They’re certainly not up there with Victoria Beckham’s line – who recently impressed at Fashion Week with a collection of gorgeous ‘less is more’ type pieces, but in terms of the demographic who’ll be buying this it’s pretty spot on.”

You mean wannabe WAGs?

“In part, yes. The brand obviously recognise who’ll be buying – girls who want to dress for a night out. This isn’t high end couture by any stretch of the imagination, and you won’t be seeing this in the pages of international fashion magazines, but it’s a pretty affordable way for women to feel like they’re buying into that kind of lifestyle.”

What about that leopard print dress? Is someone having a laugh?

“Actually leopard print never really goes out of fashion, though it is very divisive. Making a dress completely out of the print is brave, and it will take a certain kind of woman to pull off the look. If you’re the wrong shape and height you’ll probably end up looking like Pat Butcher. Get it right, and it’s a bold statement.”

Would you wear it out in Manhattan?

“Er… probably not.”

Alex Curran
What’s the other stuff like?

“There’s a few Alexander McQueen inspired pieces with skulls on, and some in nude colours or a slight military vibe. A lot of off-the-shoulder pieces. They’re covering all the current trends, really, to try and appeal to the broadest possible range of girls. My favourite’s probably the Silvia dress (right) which has an interesting Egyptian, Cleopatra feel to it – that’s actually pretty nice, though the cut could be incredibly unflattering if you’ve not got a perfect stomach.”

What would (notoriously hard-nosed Vogue editor) Anna Wintour think of it?

“She’d probably hate it. But then again, she’s not going for a night out in Concert Square, is she?”

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