Alan says: “The smoke from the Toxteth riots still hung in the air when the Merseyside Development Corporation was set up. Part of their brief was to revamp the Albert Dock area – something ‘they’ had been promising to do for years.

“This time it sounded as the though something might actually happen and I so I wanted to get in there before the fancy apartments and cheesy shops moved in.

“It was the early eighties and I was experimenting with Ilford XP2 for the first time. I think I knew I was documenting something vaguely historic.

“This is one of my favourite images from that ‘trespass’ – was I the original Urbex Warrior? I doubt it.”

Alan Cookson on Flickr

  • Mark McNulty

    Sorry to be pedantic but I’m sure XP2 appeared a lot later than 1982. Was it not XP1? I’m sure XP2 appeared around 1990. Geek moment over.

    Great photo by the way.

  • annuit coeptis

    XP2 was launched in 1991 – XP1 was introduced in 1980, so I’m inclined to think that this would’ve been shot on XP1.

  • Alan Cookson

    Of course it was XP1. I stand corrected, gents. Negs long gone – a scan from a print and only my (failing) memory to rely on for Exif data!

  • David Lloyd

    I’m loving this minutiae of film stock talk. Good work lads!