One man sound machine, Al Dunford’s been creating gorgeous multi faceted electronic soundscapes for a few years now – but this week sees the long awaited physical release (following a long, protracted series of disasters we’d rather not share with you) of his debut album, AL_X.

In the week Kraftwerk celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Model reaching No1, it seems fitting that Al’s dark, analogue explorations of old school drum machines, loops and synths is finally seeing the light. With vocals from Jeff Jepson, Dom Veron, Kate Smith, AL_X sounds equal parts Moloko (Here Before), Radiohead (Roadkill) and Depeche Mode (Failed).

Ultimately, though, it’s Al’s DNA that makes AL_X such a rewarding experience: and one that fits a lazy Sunday morning vibe perfectly.

“I’d given up on ever getting it released,” Al tells us. “Then, out of the blue, a great label (Fluttery recordings) got in touch with me and wanted to release it…so I re-worked nearly everything…re-recorded things, remixed it and, finally, it’s all rather official!”

It’s a gorgeous and assured set, and, like all good things, well worth the wait. We recommend you go take a listen.

You can try, and buy AL_X here

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