clubhouse-139So delayed and troublesome was its construction that, for a while, we were beginning to think it was being built on a native burial ground. But, no, turns out it was only being built on top of polystyrene blocks that, themselves, rested above a four story car park (this is scarily true). But now, hurrah, The Clubhouse is open for business, skidding to a halt just short of crashing, in slo-mo Speed 2-like fashion, into Debenhams’ cafe. That’s what happens when a New England Yacht Club steers just the odd 3,200 miles off course and washes up in Liverpool ONE.

clubhouse-130But, delays aside, this Hamptons-via-Huyton conceit looks way more sturdy than anything else conjured up on this pop-up park. And Liverpool ONE can confirm – they promise they’re not going to ship in a Transit van full of terrified penguins for its launch today.

It’s certainly stage dressed to the max – replete with all manner of tasteful doo-dahs, set against bleached tongue-and-groove walls, slouchy interiors and coastal ephemera (think breezy watercolours, weathered polo club signs and lashings of Annie Sloan paints). Funny, isn’t it, how desperate we are to embrace all things vintage-looking, while not actually giving a damn about anything that’s, like, y’know, old.

clubhouse-134We’ll reserve judgement on the menu til we’ve actually eaten there. The Menu isn’t particularly New England – no clambake, no Maine lobster, more your ‘hanging kebabs’ (see also Smugglers Cove) deli platters and burgers. A platter of oysters might have lifted the proceedings, no? Maybe there’ll be seasonal specials to look forward to?

What we can expect is lots of lovely craft ales (and some mighty meaty new stouts, from what we hear), in the dedicated ale tasting room, and the usual attention to detail of a finely made cocktail: try the house blend Old Fashioned, with a kick of cinnamon spice.

Fact is, hurrah that it’s here. It’s a Northern indie, amid a sea of national chains. And Living Ventures know how to do these things awfully well. Ersatz Boston rum punches all round.

Now, where did we put our Gant pullovers and LL Bean boots?

The Clubhouse
Chavasse Park
Liverpool ONE

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  1. Jane Nolan

    I had lunch there on Friday. It really is lovely inside
    My own fear is it will be invaded by maxis and flip flops pushing beleaguered buggies containing unruly little people in the summer…….watch this space.

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