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We hate being the bearer of bad news. And this one’s especially bad.

After all the excitement over this year’s Africa Oyé – set to celebrate their 20th year of bringing awesome African music and culture to the city – they’ve sadly had to pull this year’s event, due to start this Saturday (23rd June).

You can probably guess why: it’s raining the heaviest we’ve seen it here in a while, and it’ll be carrying on all weekend.

A statement said: “We are very sad to have to announce that due to heavy rain over the last few nights causing several Health and Safety issues in the set up of the festival site as well as the potential accidents that could happen over the weekend because of the weather, Africa Oye has been forced to cancel this weekend’s festival in Sefton Park.

The stage crew have been unable to put the stage up in the current conditions and the vehicles that have already driven onto the field have left much of the area unfit for the festival”

Although Oyé’s survived numerous wet years in the past, this rainfall’s particularly nasty. Croxteth Park Festival, also set to be held this weekend, has had to be postponed until August due to a waterlogged field.

We’re gutted, as the festival’s always one of the best weekends of the summer. But we’re particularly upset for Africa Oyé, as it’s not only a costly festival to put on, it’s one that’s done with massive, unrivalled passion and commitment. Here’s to a belated 20th birthday next year.

The good news: there’s set to be something happening indoors, within the city, featuring the artists scheduled for the festival. We’ll keep you in the loop.


Africa Oyé’s been moved to The Picket venue, on Greenland Street. More info over here.

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  1. Lyndsey

    Surely the Black-E will be the perfect venue for an indoor event? Nice and big, not used for much as far as I am aware, convenient location etc?!

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