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We’re massive fans of Adam and Joe – creators of not only one of the funniest British TV shows of the 90s, The Adam And Joe Show, but more recently one of the funniest radio shows we’ve heard (yet another reason to love BBC 6music), they’ve bagged themselves a dedicated cult following. Separately, they’re just as strong: Joe Cornish recently directed ‘Attack The Block’, but it’s Adam Buxton whose projects are the most varied. He’s directed a Radiohead video, had a scene-stealing role in ‘Hot Fuzz’, and accidentally become a YouTube sensation. Y’know, as you do. His creative, surreal and downright hilarious clips have amassed over 30,000 subscribers, and Buxton is set to head to FACT to talk about the it all.

‘BUG: The Evolution of Music Video’ stops off here following its sell-out run at Edinburgh Fringe. In it, Buxton presents some of his favourite music promos and online clips, a selection of his own creations, as well as dissecting some of the rather unbalanced comments from online users (wonder what he’d make of the SevenStreets comments section?). He, more than anyone, knows how the passionate and fractured YouTube community ticks, and his insights are well worth catching when he brings the show to town this autumn.

Adam Buxton presents BUG: The Evolution of Music Video
FACT, Wood Street, Liverpool
Tuesday 18th October, 6:30pm and 8:45pm, £15
Tickets available now

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