Sevenstreets: Making the Most of Liverpool

Local intelligence. That’s what the world needs now.

We’re definitely the former. And we’re working on the latter.

Just as Liverpool grew from just seven original streets, so we’re attempting a similarly ambitious outbound journey: exploring the places, people, and products that shape the place we call home.

SevenStreets is an urban adventure that grows, week by week, into a full-scale online almanac of the city you love: culture, arts, news, opinion and everything in between.

We focus on the things that genuinely interest us, and the discoveries we want to share with you. The stuff that’s remained stubbornly off the radar for too long.

We believe people are hungry for experiences that connect them to each other. Existing media often works to a different agenda. We’re trying something different. We want to make the most of Liverpool.

Working with a team of local contributors, our aim is simple: To remain genuinely inquisitive, to search for new life in an old city, to occasionally go off the grid, but to always come home with the bacon.

There’s a whole world out there. Forgotten pubs, inspiring architecture and incredible new venues.

People, places and things – a side of Liverpool you’ve yet to discover. What say we go map it out?

We Know Where You Live.