Are you a creative? Of course you are! You’re reading this website. Furthermore, we’re fairly sure you’re the type who would love to give those London creatives a bloody nose in a ‘notworking’ event with a difference.

Shellsuit Zombie is behind the event – along with Mercy, D&AD and Design Symposium North – at the Shipping Forecast this thursday for creative industry types, graduates and students to meet and socialise with new talent.

Shellsuit Zombie says it was inspired to create the event because it believes that a graduate’s first contact with industry shouldn’t be in the reception of a design agency, but in a cool, boozy hang-out, the creative’s natural habitat.

The aim is to create a social atmosphere where grads and pros meet as ‘co-humans’ – connecting through anecdotes, flipping beermats and a discussion of a job centre map (perhaps).

The theme of the first Shell Suit Zombie night was VS, constituting nano-challenges including ‘drawing the best willy’ (SevenStreet yields to no man in drawing cock-and-balls pictures), a dance-off and best magic trick. As a result, ice was broken and dialogues started up.

So, if you’re trying to gain a foothold in the industry, want to meet new talent and potential allies, or simply want to pass the night testing your mettle against some fellow scribblers, snappers or doodlers then head along. How many other networking events give you the chance to try out your genitalia sketching skills?

Shellsuit Zombie, D&AD, Mercy and Design Symposium North present Industry Vs Graduates 2 – A Tale of Two Cities
25th November 2010, 7.30pm
The Shipping Forecast

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