We’ve produced many a music legend locally, but none quite as unique and boundary-pushing as Julian Cope.

Former member of punks Crucial Three, and early 80s stars The Teardrop Explodes, Cope’s managed to forge a career balanced between acclaimed popstar and experimental icon: he’s recently performed with American drone-rock blokes SunnO))), lectured at the British Museum, and become a respected author (our personal favourite: the Japanese rock’n’roll bible Japrocksampler).

He heads to Liverpool for a rare live performance later in October, where he’ll be doing a selection of his solo material and, no doubt, a few of his earlier crowdpleasers. All this in between working on a book about, um, a road trip across Sardinia (we’d expect nothing less). Welcome him back with open arms when he rocks up at the Stanley Theatre this autumn.

Julian Cope, Stanley Theatre
27th October 2011
7.30pm, £17.50

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