A Groundhog Day full of…Groundhog Day? What could be better? To celebrate Groundhog Day (2 Feb, you knew that) the wonderful Small Cinema will be showing Groundhog Day, all day, and all of the night.

Who wouldn’t want to spend 24-hours in the company of this enduring Bill Murray classic? Not us, that’s for sure. Oh wait, is that a triple negative?

Watch it 12 times back-to-back, from 6am until 6am the next morning, for the price of a single movie ticket. Or watch it just once. The choice is yours.

“It’s a completely daft idea, but it somehow transforms a cinema screening into a heroic test of endurance for the audience,” says Liverpool Small Cinema Programmer, Sam Meech. “I was inspired by the double and triple bills at the Prince Charles and Cube cinemas, and this is simply the logical extension of that idea.”

“It’s a unique opportunity for film lovers to be part of something extraordinary, and become legends in the process. Even if people just want to come along to for a double bill, or a single screening, seeing it actually on Groundhog Day is a perfect way to experience the film.”

They’re also – but of course – going to be having Sonny and Cher on loop in the cinema, and regular weather reports from the room to update the wider world on how the audience is holding up.

“Oh, and if anyone has a Groundhog, give me a shout,” says Sam.

Rumours of them running Born on the Fourth of July for a full 24 hours remain, thankfully, unconfirmed.

Groundhog Day 24-hour marathon, Tuesday Feb 2, 6am – 6am, 57-59 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE, Tix £10 – £2, www.liverpoolsmallcinema.org.uk

Twilight Hog: (6am – 4pm, 10pm – 4am / just roll up and stay as long as you can manage!) – £2 on the door only
Peak Hog: single peak time screening (6pm or 8pm) – £4 (£3 concessions)
Double Hog: peak time double bill (6pm and 8pm screenings) – £5 plus souvenir ticket
Whole Hog: all day, plus sandwich and a cup of tea – £10 plus souvenir ticket

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