So, she’s dead. It’s fair to say that only a tiny percentage of Liverpool and the north will be mourning Margaret Thatcher’s departure, and if Twitter reports are to be believed we’re actually more likely to be holding impromptu street parties and setting of fireworks to celebrate.

During Thatcher’s reign in the 80s, the frustration was at boiling point. You know the whys and hows. Society’s sense of bleakness was articulated and distilled brilliantly by the decade’s musicians, who took to the studio to record a slew of amazing, brilliant anti-Thatcher tracks. They’ve all stood the test of time, and are still totally – and powerfully – relevant today. Here’s seven of our favourites.

Elvis Costello – Tramp The Dirt Down

“I never thought for a moment that human life could be so cheap / ‘Cos when they finally put you in the ground / They’ll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down”

Madness – Blue Skinned Beast

“I heard you shout for yesterday, but I was sleeping on the job
/ And I dreamt of fighters miles away whose lives I had to rob / Have a drink on me / I put it down to the company”

Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding

“It’s just a rumor that was spread around town / Somebody said that someone got filled in / For saying that people get killed in / The results of their shipbuilding”

The Beat – Stand Down Margaret

“I said I see no joy / I see only sorry / I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow / So stand down Margaret / Stand down please”

Morrissey – Margaret on the Guillotine

“The kind people / Have a wonderful dream / Margaret on the guillotine / Cause people like you / Make me feel so tired / When will you die?”

Billy Bragg – Thatcherites

“You Thatcherites by name, lend an ear / You Thatcherites by name, your faults I will proclaim”

The Specials – Maggie’s Farm

“I ‘aint gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more / Well I wake up in the morning, fold my hands and pray for rain”

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  1. tony lowe

    Aslo The first song on Pink Floyd Album the final cut called a post war dream the lyrics are what have we done maggie what have we done
    what have we done to england
    should we shout should we scream
    “what happened to the post war dream?”
    oh maggie maggie what have we done?

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