Well, Summer is upon us. The Winter and Spring seasons has come and gone – and given us riches like Henry V and A Streetcar named Desire – alongside unexpected delights like Gathering Jack, 3 Women, Departure Lounge and Illyria.

And now we’ve a whole new host of wonders to look forward to on Liverpool’s various stages. As we’ve said before, we’re surely spoiled for choice here in Liverpool when it comes to theatre. But, that said, we’re spoiled for galleries, museums and much more, so why the Hell not?

To try and point you in the right direction – to curate your June theatre-going – we’ve rounded up a few things we think you’ll like. Or should like. Or may not like, but may be enriched by.

Or, quite simply, stuff you should go and do rather than spend another night in front of the telly telling yourself you’re going to get up off your arse soon. Here’s seven things you should go and see in Liverpool this month.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show

It’s difficult to know where to start with Douglas Adams. His is a body of work that’s permeated the public’s consciousness to such an extent that people know many of the concepts and quotables behind it without even knowing where it comes from.

The answer to life, the universe and everything being 42 (we’re betting that iPhone 4 smart-arse Siri has an answer to that); the babelfish; Marvin the Paranoid Android; so long and thanks for all the fish…

So, a chance to see the original cast performing the original radio play scripts at the Empire should be high on the list of, well, everyone we reckon. And make sure you know where your towel is, obviously.

Seeing Simon Jones, Geoffrey McGivern, Mark Wing-Davey and Stephen Moore reciting those lines should send a shiver down the spine. Sadly, like Adams, the original voice of the book, Peter Jones, is no longer with us. Filling in on the Liverpool dates will be Roger McGough. There’s something quite perfect about that.

There is some magical about The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy; about Douglas Adams’ writing. We thoroughly recommend it, whether you get the early reference to your towel or not.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Radio Show
Liverpool Empire
Monday 18, Tuesday 19 January

The Match Box

We don’t know a lot about The Match Box, but we do know that it’s the world premier of a new work by Frank McGuinness, a man renowned for his mighty beard and heavyweight literary reputation for his adaptations and original plays.

Leanne Best, recently excellent in A Streetcar Named Desire, stars as Sal, while noted Liverpool actress Lia Williams directs.

The Match Box will be on in the Studio, a cosy little performance space that puts the audience right at the heart of the action, as our much-missed Everyman used to.

The Match Box
Playhouse Studio
14 June 14 – 7 July

Red and Blues

Suffice it to say, this isn’t really our sort of thing. But this scouseploitation musical heralds the welcome reopening of The Royal Court.

And there’s quite an eclectic range of entertainment coming up over the Summer and beyond, so we thought we’d flag it up.

What’s Reds and Blues about? Here are a few words from the description. Dixie, Kenny, red, blue, battle, gags, musical.

Red and blue websites seem to think it’s funny, so what the heck. Chances are if you think you’ll be entertained, you will be.

Reds and Blues
Royal Court
From June 29

God’s Official

Yes, yes, there’s a footballing event on. And this play is kind of about football. But how often do you look at football fans and wonder just how far they’d go in seeking retribution against a dodgy ref or hapless linesperson?

We know we have – and we’ve also enjoyed Dead Heavy Fantastic; apparently a serviceable scouseploitation play one minute and something very much more fascinating the next at the Everyman last year.

Dead Heavy Fantastic came from the same pen as God’s Official, Robert Farquhar, so we have high hopes. And by that time we suspect we’ll need an antidote to Adrian Chiles and Gary Lineker.

God’s Official
Unity Theatre
27-30 June

Martini Lounge Burlesque and Variety Show

A bit of a change of pace, this is the first event we’ve previewed at the newly (re)opened Epstein Theatre.

We’re told the Martini Lounge burlesque show is the best in the UK and features a number of performers that include cabaret singers, burlesque artists and genre-spanning performers, including Liverpool’s own Millie Dollar.

Different certainly, but burlesque isn’t just about rude bits. For a very different kind of night out, we proffer this refreshingly different show.

Martini Lounge Burlesque and Variety Show
Epstein Theatre
Saturday 23 June, 8.30pm

The Norman Conquests

An impeccable production of Ayckbourn’s curiously familiar, wickedly clever and often very amusing comedy of manners, playing in three parts in rotation at the Playhouse for much of June.

Read our review – and book your tickets.

The Norman Conquests
Liverpool Playhouse
Until June 23

Bash: Latter Day Plays

Probably not for the faint-hearted, Neil LaBute’s trilogy of monologues explores stories that centre around the nature of evil.

Partly transposed from Greek parable to the present day, Bash (pic, top) present three explorations of apparently-normal people performing hideous acts; the sort of thing JG Ballard made a career out of for over a decade.

Directing is Gillian Lemon, who helmed Lodestar’s award-winning Hedwig and the Angry Inch so we expect good stuff; the production is from new Liverpool-based theatre company Said&Done.

Bash: Latter Day Plays
Unity Theatre
19-22 June

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