Once again we’ve got theatre keeping out of our, er, arts in Liverpool this month – with the Playhouse running two productions side-by-side despite only having one theatre (clever), an embarrassment of riches at the Unity, new stuff bursting through the Spring ground and the usual suspects pulling out the stops.

We’ve rounded up another seven picks for the month – because we know how easy it can be to forget the stuff you made a note to go and see when you saw it advertised back in January; we do it ourselves and we’re a culture website for crying out loud.

When you consider that Liverpool is currently missing the Everyman (oh, how we miss the Everyman) and has the new Epstein (formerly the Neptune) to come there’s a staggering amount going on in the city to entertain those of a theatrical bent. Don’t forget that we’ve also got the Writing On The Wall festival coming up too.

Consider too that we have at least six big venues in the city (depending on how you count them) regularly staging new productions, alongside plenty of smaller outfits and we’re particularly blessed in the city – not to mention more at Southport, New Brighton and Runcorn.

Since we’re Liverpool-based we’re sticking to the city, for now. But that doesn’t mean a run-down of the usual suspects – there’s theatre productions to suit all tastes, all wallets. Big, little, old, new, classical, er, not classical. Here’s seven theatre picks for April. Why not see if you can do em all?

Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular

But is it theatre? Well, we reckon so. Either way this promises to be the Liverpool event of the year, short of Tom Baker winning the mayoral election, and we don’t think that’s likely – more’s the pity.

If you’ve been living under a rock recently you may not know that this event will see two giants lumbering across Liverpool in a storyline loosely tied in with the Titanic anniversary.

The blurb promises a ‘magical tale of love, loss and reunion played out on a gigantic scale’ and we’ve no reason to doubt that. Just take a look at this trailer.

La Princesse – the giant spider that crawled across the city a few years ago – still lingers in the memory. We think this will be every bit as special. Make sure you get a good seat.

Sea Odyssey – Giant Spectacular
Across Liverpool
20-22 April


Staged in the Playhouse’s actor’s studio – recently reactivated after years of being closed to the public, Illyria is the Young Everyman and Playhouse’s production of Bryony Lavery’s tough play about a young reporter who gets caught up in a warzone.

The Young Everyman and Playhouse offers a chance for youngsters to take part in productions and gain experience as actors, writers, technicians, programmers or directors – and offers guidance on careers in theatre.

Illyria is the last opportunity to see something from the YEP this season, so we suggest you head down for the entertainment – and for the studio.

Liverpool Playhouse (Studio)
Until Saturday 21 April

The Pirate Project

What if women were pirates – or pirates were women? What if, not only that, there were women in the 21st century who happened to be pirates? Sort of. Look, it’s a metaphor. We think.

We’re assuming that talk of firing broadsides and making off with booty is metaphorical too – it wouldn’t do to be robbed on a trip to the theatre. We are assured, however, that the fights will be real, even if the moustaches won’t.

Arrr! Arrgh! Ack! ‘Scuse us – we had something in our throat.

The Pirate Project
Unity Theatre
Friday 27 April – Saturday 28 April

3 Women

Three writers, three directors, three monologues, three actresses.

Grin Productions will stage 3 Women at two different venues a week apart, which is how things seem to work out these days following Burjesta Theatre’s hot-theatring a couple of months back with Gathering Jack.

These three stories look very different and include a wife leading a double life, a woman troubled by a difficult past and what’s billed as a ‘modern fairy tale.

Grin is a community theatre production company that has a number of productions under its belt and is one of a growing number of grassroots production companies in Liverpool offering intriguing work.

3 Women

Studio2, Parr Street
Sunday 22 April

The Casa
Wednesday 25th April at 8:00pm

The Tragical Past & Mysterious Present of Sodem Hall

Theatre’s endurance runners, Impropriety, recently improvised a production for the best part of two days – impressive huh?

Well this time they’re improv-ing a soap opera in six parts and have actually been at it for the last few weeks. There are two installments to go though and, frankly, we’re fairly sure you’ll be able to catch up on the plot thus far pretty quickly.

We know improv can send a shudder down the sternest of spines, but our own (kinda) Vicky Anderson was knocked out by their last effort.

Chances are this is the most intriguing theatre going on in Liverpool this month.

The Tragical Past & Mysterious Present of Sodem Hall
The Kazimier
24 April, 2 May

Henry V

Once more unto the breach… so vile a sin… methinks I could not die any where so contented as in the king’s company. Henry V is some of the most quotable Shakespeare – and this production is a cracking affair, mixing battle, romance, comedy and music.

There’s more than enough to keep theatre sceptics entertained too, with plenty of genuine laughs, wonderful pageantry and some suitably epic acting.

You won’t even notice your bum getting numb.

Henry V
Liverpool Playhouse
Until Saturday 28 April

I Dreamed a Dream

OK, OK. But it’s got really good reviews! We’re a wide place of worship. And, look, it’s got Eileen C Smith out of Rab C Nesbitt in it. What’s more SuBo herself will be making an appearance.

Is that a good thing? Well, if you’re of a certain age we’re sure it is. Not that we expect many people who might buy tickets for a Susan Boyle musical read SevenStreets.

Tell your Gran, OK?

I Dreamed A Dream
Liverpool Empire
Until Saturday 21 April

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  1. BrendaSusan

    I am obviously a rare bird – a fan of Sevenstreets who went to see I dreamed a dream – wasn’t expecting much – but it was really good – impressed by Elaine C Smith – the downside is that I have admitted to having seen SueBo!

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