Ever felt let down by those daily deals sites? Sure, there are some great deals out there but unless you’ve got a heck of a lot of spare time, flexibility and willing mates they’re hard to make the most of. For every 2-for-1 at a decent restaurant there’s half a dozen fish pedicures to wade through in your inbox.

Meanwhile, the Taste card and the rest are useful for deals at chain restaurants, but if you want to dip your wick in our local, independent eateries you’ll probably be unlucky. Finding offers on your favourite place to eat in Liverpool can be tricky, but in January it’s a buyer’s market out there.

We’ve rounded up some great offers from some of our favourite places to eat in the city to lighten your gloomy January a little. From 50% off food bills to meals for seven quid and two-course specials – and half a dozen cuisines – there’s something here for everyone – and every wallet.

We won’t even ask you to sign up for anything, though you may want to check out the links to these websites; we suspect you’ll be hungry for more food – and deals – once you’ve been.

Lucha Libre

We’ve liked what we’ve seen of Lucha Libre so far, and we really like the look of this offer. If you spend a fiver or more at any local, independent Liverpool business and the restaurant will give you 50% off your food bill.

Keep your receipt and take it along to Lucha Libre and you get half your tacos, burritos and quesadillas for free. We’re not totally clear on what constitutes a local business, but we can think of plenty of places around nearby Bold Street that fit the bill.

The offer starts on Monday January 7 and applies to Sundays to Thursdays until the end of January.

Lucha Libre


From Monday 7 January, Hope Street’s pan-Asian restaurant is kickstarting its Magnificent Seven offer.

Available seven days a week from noon to 7pm, there’s a selection of – guess what? – seven dishes from the restaurant’s a la carte menu for just £7!

Quote MAGNIFICENT SEVEN if you’re booking on 0151 708 5831.



Revamping Beetham Plaza following the departure of Heathcoates, Home Canteen is brought yo you by the people behind Rodney Street favourite Puschka.

We’ve been impressed by the quality of the steak at Home, but there’s plenty more to enjoy – from Sunday roasts to burgers, salads and home-cooking favourites such as toad-in-the-hole and Lancashire hotpot.

Home is offering 40% off on selected tables during January – excluding express lunches. Booking is essential – quote FEED ME 40 when booking.

Home Canteen


Fancy something rather more spicy? Duke Street’s Mayur is offering 50% off your food bills in January (check the small print stuff below).

Mayur is an Indian restaurant with its Sunday best on – a smart, upmarket eaterie with some sumptuous dishes and exotic ingredients; try the seabass or monkfish – or even the Methi Machchi Tikka (pictured, top) for something a little bit different.

You need to book to claim this offer – quote ‘January Sale’ when booking on 0151 709 9955. The offer’s good for a maximum of two people at any time apart from after 5pm on Fridays and Saturdays.



Barring Sapporo Teppanyaki, Etsu is pretty much the only Japanese restaurant in Liverpool after the ignominious end of Sakura; luckily Etsu is also the best, particularly for sushi.

Throughout January, on Thursdays and Fridays, the Beetham Plaza-based restaurant is offering a lunchtime special consisting of two courses for £11.95.

You can enjoy a starter and bento box with dishes including tofu, sea bass, pork loin and sushi for that amount which, given the quality, is a steal. Phone 0151 236 7530 to book.



This genial south Liverpool brasserie offers an Italian take on tapas – little cicchetti full of flavour like calves’ liver and prawns in gremolata.

There are larger plates available too – and at weekends, until 5pm, you can get two courses for £10.95 – including the Sunday Roasts.


Viva Brazil

You can get 25% off food in for groups up to four during January at Viva Brazil.

We suggest you build up an appetite as there’s a huge array of tasty food available served up at your table – and while chicken hearts might not sound like much of a treat, just trust us.

Book a table and claim your offer here

Viva Brazil

And one extra…

This one’s ongoing so don’t fear if we’re approaching Spring. Book Delifonseca’s window seat from Monday to Thursday between 3pm-7.30pm and you get 50% off your bill.

Why? Because people favour the seats at the back and it looks like the restaurant’s empty! A great opportunity to sample some of Delifonseca’s excellent stand-bys – we recommend the Po’ Boys every time.

You need to book ahead to take this offer up – phone 0151 255 0808.


If you’re a restaurant in Liverpool with your own January offers feel free to let us know in the comments section below – and if you’re a punter let us know how you get on. Obviously we recommend checking T+Cs before you call.

Home Canteen pic by Peter Goodbody

7 Responses to “7 January Deals At Liverpool Restaurants”

  1. I love Jan offers. Though my favourite trick is to sign up to all the restaurants I like and tell them my birthday is in January (it is, actually) cos they send me discount offers. Gusto has a good one, as does Olive Press, and Yo Sushi currently has 40% off conveyor belt food for the next three weeks if you sign up to their Yo! Love Club.

    If you were really that bothered, you could open 12 gmail accounts and sign up to everywhere awesome, telling them your birthday was in the middle of the month and get a Birthday discount every month.

  2. Er, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to afford it at all. Businesses do it to get you through their doors in the first place. So get some Savlon on your saddle sores, mate.

  3. Businesses do it to encourage loyalty and repeat custom where people continue to frequent an establishment at full price. Why cycling/horse-riding related ailments relate to my comment I have no idea. Decreasing essential profit margins for local restaurants #itisn’tliverpool!!!!

  4. It meant ‘get off your high horse’.

    I give my loyalty and repeat custom where I see fit, such as the Italian Club, where I pay full price as they are reasonable and consistently good. To my knowledge, they’ve never done a 241 type offer, and have not ever had to.

    You (the Royal you, not you personally, per se) want me to go into another place? I’ll use an offer. But in my experience, many of the places who give out these offers can’t keep a returning customer at full price. Many people simply can’t afford it. I would LOVE to be able to eat at 60 Hope Street for example, all the time and pay full price. Can’t. So I go when there’s an offer to be had or not at all.

    More often than not I find the Italian Club better value for money and tastier anyway.

  5. I work at Lucha Libre and can honestly say 80% of our custom is return custom. I think the ‘keep it local’ idea is a great way to share all the exciting new independent business’ that have occurred over the past few years in Liverpool. This is all thanks to the mighty Liverpool Independent card too, a favourite amongst Liverpool food and drink lovers. It’s just an added bonus for all our customers that they spend half the price!

  6. Living Ventures (Gusto, Olive Press, Grill on the, Alchemist, Artisan etc) and New Inventive Bar Company (prev. Inventive Leisure – Revolution) are both North West companies. Depends on your definition of local.

    LV has 50% throughout Jan.

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