OK, last one as this is getting absurd. We were going to mock up some of our own ridiculous suggestions but the latest suggestions from the Liverpool Bucket List page on Facebook places it beyond parody.

The latest Facebook ads suggest that riding an ostrich (theoretically possible – Chester Zoo?) and getting knocked out (eminently do-able, various locations) should be something to aspire to before you kick the metaphorical.

However, one suggestion only briefly seen would seem – to us – to be less likely than Cilla Black buying a house in the Dingle. Namely, water-skiing off the back of a fighter jet. Is this really on many peoples’ lists? Is it even possible? If so, in Liverpool?

How quickly memes jump the shark. or, to put it another way, kick the bucket.

We still want your suggestions for a genuine Liverpool bucket list (ie. ‘things to do before you kick the bucket’). No chimps or rollercoasters please.

Hat-tip: Stu Robarts

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