There are numerous ways you can respond to Rothko. You can sit in dark and deep contemplation and let the soft-edged fields of pure colour melt into your soul. You can be a total prick and spray your asinine shite over one. Or you can make sweet music.

Guess which camp we’re in.

In Response To… is a sparky new concept trying to make that leap of faith between sensual worlds: of sound and vision.

The project, masterminded by Jonny Davis of this parish, will take the form of a series of 4-song EP’s, each focusing on a different visual artist. Each song is written and recorded by a different musician in response to a single piece by the visual artist. Having chosen their preferred artwork, each musician is given a brief to simply write a piece of music in response to it. There are no rules. No spray cans.

In Response To…the first…tackles the works of Mark Rothko with fascinating and diverse results by the following artists. And you can listen to it here…

Alistair C

Studying for a PhD in Biology at Lancaster University, Alistair C is interested in the use of natural imagery to describe human emotional states often represented in lyrical content and organic instrumentation for bands such as Bi Polar Bear and Supercell.

Greg Baugh

Holding a Degree in Popular Music, Greg Baugh has a keen interest in both melody and experimental guitar FX. Greg has written and performed as a member of Hadaka No Fi and Supercell and recently took part in a performance of A Crimson Grail for 100 Guitars and 8 Bass Guitars by Rhys Chatham.

Jonny Davis

With a degree in History of Art & Museum Studies, Jonny Davis is interested in the relationship and interaction between sound and vision. As Mitternacht he strives to craft sonic textures that evoke the visual. He has written and performed with bands such as Former Toys and Supercell.

Matthew Baugh

Now living in Malmo, Sweden, Matthew Baugh is a firm proponent of avant-garde music, favouring immersive textures and lengthy compositions. As a member of Hadaka No Fi and No Pussyfootin’, Matthew quenched his thirst for sonic impressionism.

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  1. Rita Smith

    I found In Response to a really interesting, innovative idea and I loved the musical responses to the Rothko paintings. It would be good to have these in the gallery to listen to.

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